022513 Grandma Ry (close), Kompong Phhluk, Siem Reap, Cambodia

As we walked down the dusty main road of the Khompong Phhluk floating village and approached an elderly woman sitting in front of her stilt house, I handed her a photo that I took in the same location two years previously of five Cambodian children, Borie, Bopeas, Vanthy, Sieha and Vanna and inquired if she knew where they were. She looked at the photo and as tears formed in her soft steel blue eyes she uttered something barely audible in Khmer that I could not understand. As a crowd of startled villagers began to quickly gather around us I sensed something had gone terribly wrong and turned to my friend and translator Chhean who informed me that Vanthy, the girl in the center of my photo had recently died in the hospital and that Ry was her grandmother.

The following two images are portraits that I took of 73 year old Ry after our initial meeting.