Seth sitting at home, Antejet Village, Battambang, Cambodia.

The Antejet village is tucked away in a remote corner of the rice farming countryside of the Banan district in Battambang and is accessible only by navigating dusty etched dirt roads that are intractable during the rainy season. It is here that Seth lives with her family.

When her mother Savoin and father Vanny can’t find local work in Battambang they travel across the border into Thailand where they collect fruit. During these extended periods of time that often last for months, Seth stays with her grandparents in their ramshackle home, a roof of rusty corrugated tin resting on branches lashed to a clutch of trees in the middle of a vast rice field.

Seth is 13 years old and in the fifth grade at the Bot Sala primary school. She begins her studies at 9:00 am and when she finishes studying at noon she rides her clanky one speed bicycle to a nearby farm where she works as a chili collector to earn income for her family.